Distance learning requires discipline and independence. That was hard in the beginning, but I learned to ask for help when I needed it. The teaching material is really clear and was developed especially by and for IBID. The ‘work schedule’ is also very useful; and although you and the teacher agree on a planning, it can almost always be adapted. I felt very supported by my teacher, who was always looking out for what works best for me.
Nora Vos
Dutch A SSST Exam May 2016
Being multilingual or ambi-bilingual does not ‘just happen’; one needs to invest in it. As more and more students study in English at international schools, it is vital to have a program that would allow them to maintain and further develop their different first languages. IBID has been doing that for Dutch-speaking students worldwide. You can count on them to help students of different ages to reconnect with Dutch and acquire a high level of literacy, ready for tertiary education. IBID's track record and effective communication make them a reliable and desirable partner in education. We really appreciate the ease of communication with their tutors, their periodic newsletters, and how they have been guiding our students.
Chika Kumashiro-Wilms, Ph.D.
Tijmen started the two-year Pre-IBDP course in 2015. After five years of NTC education, it was quite a step up, with regard to the broad context in which the topics are taught and the level of the prescribed books to read. It requires more effort from Tijmen, but it is also more motivating. The teacher offers regular encouragement but allows sufficient flexibility with regard to the day school, requiring the student to take responsibility and to communicate. That appeals to me very much. Our daughter will certainly follow this programme too!
Mirjam Martens
Mother of Tijmen van de Hoef, Berlin International School
In July 2014 my daughter Lilith graduated with an IB diploma from Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. At that time, this school did not yet have any experience with IBID. Lilith completed her Dutch with an IB6, to the great satisfaction of both the school and herself. In July 2016, my son Jillis hopes to graduate with an IB diploma from the British School in Jakarta. Both the school and my son are very satisfied about the tutoring provided by IBID. My son also took part in the pre-IBDP at IBID as I had doubts as to whether he would be able to handle self-study. This turned out to be a good decision because we were then both convinced it would be possible for him. I can truly recommend IBID to everyone. A big thank you to the IBID team for the professional tutoring of my children!
Liesbeth van der Hulst
Mother of Lilith and Jillis (May exams 2014 and 2016)
We have worked with IBID with two cohorts and have been impressed with their professionalism as well as their teaching quality. Not only do they ensure that the self-study course goes smoothly for the students, they also help a great deal with administrative matters. If you don’t have your own Dutch teachers available and if funds permit, I would definitely recommend IBID for your students.
David Sheppard
Our family has been closely involved with IBID since 2011 and we cannot speak more highly of the organisation. During this period, both our son and daughter have completed their Bilingual International Baccalaureate. Thanks to IBID, our children developed a love and understanding of the language, the history and their cultural heritage, we could not have thought possible, considering the fact that our children have lived in Sydney for most of their lives. In our view, the combination of personal involvement of the teacher, their fine-tuned methods of distant one-on-one teaching, the high level of professionalism and thorough knowledge of and involvement in the IB curriculum makes IBID such a success. Not to mention the genuine commitment to our children. Our third child has now indicated he wants to study Dutch during his IB years. Having learned from our experiences, we are excited to enrol him in the extracurricular pre-IBDP program, offered by IBID. As Dutch parents who have lived abroad for almost 20 years, we believe that the pre-IBDP program will bridge the gaps caused by limited exposure to Dutch schooling and will enhance our sons’ experiences when studying his native tongue.
Ellen Huizenga
Mother of Jesse and Annick Huizenga, Redlands school, Sydney