Other services

Students who are not enrolled in any of our tutoring programs can seek advice and help for IB-Dutch at hourly-rate basis. IBID offers support for any level of IB-Dutch, for any exam component, and even for Extended Essay.

IBID can also support teachers with IB-Dutch related questions.

At an IB school’s (or another educational institution) request, IBID can mark the various components of an IB Dutch student’s work, such as mock exams or first draft essays. IBID may also offer advice on the choice of literary works or relevant teaching materials.

For support other than our tuition programs, please feel free to contact IBID through the contactform, a call or email.

Other services
Hourly rate* for students who are not enrolled in an IBID program € 80,-
Hourly rate* for teachers and/or for external marking and feedback € 80,-

* Support based upon hourly rate is for a minimum of five clock hours

* The one time registration fee does not apply for ‘Other services’