IBDP Dutch

Dutch A Literature SSST

In the IBDP, students can choose the two-year program ‘Dutch A: Literature SSST’ (Standard Level). An SSST (school supported self-taught)-subject always concerns a language which is not taught at the day school. The IB-School is responsible for the SSST-student; they should appoint an SSST-supervisor within the school, and a language specific -external- tutor must be found.

IBID offers external tuition for ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’.

The main features of an IBID-program:

  • IBID-programs are fully in line with the curriculum and final attainment levels by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization);
  • The teaching materials are challenging, efficient and goal oriented;
  • IBID-programs are made to measure and can be adjusted to the level and/or interests of the student;
  • Tuition will be scheduled for in the period 1 September – 30 June (for exam students until 31 May), taking school holidays into account;
  • Students receive an individualized study planner that will be kept up on a weekly basis;
  • Weekly Videocalls, one on one, with a designated tutor. IBID has its own Zoom-account;
  • Intensive exam training with optimal guidance for each component;
  • The tutor is always available for questions from students;
  • The tutor marks homework on a weekly basis and discusses that with the student;
  • The tutor maintains contact with the school and provides for school grades, reports, tests to be taken in test week/mock exams etc.;
  • The tutor keeps the parents updated on the progress of their child and is available for their questions or feedback;
  • IBID guarantees steady tuition. It has a solid team of highly experienced and qualified IB-teachers, who work in close cooperation with eachother. Tutors can always count on support from IBID-colleagues, in case of illness, but also for standardizing work, asking for tips etc. IBID has a transparent system of viewing student work and email correspondence. A smooth transfer to another tutor, if needed, is ensured..

One-year accelerated program for Dutch A Literature SSST

The ‘Dutch A: Literature SSST’ program covers two academic years. In close consultation with the school, IBID can also provide a ‘made-to-measure’ program in the form of a one-year accelerated program. This may be necessary if circumstances have prevented a student from taking ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’ in the first year of the IBDP. Furthermore, a student might wish to take the ‘anticipated exam’ for ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’ in the first IBDP-year.

Other IBDP-programs

In some cases, students are allowed to choose a program other than Dutch A SSST, with a long-distance tutor. This is only possible with the explicit consent of the student’s IB-school. In cooperation with the school, IBID may offer tuition for

  • Dutch A Literature HL
  • Dutch A Language & Literature HL/SL
  • Dutch B HL/SL


IBDP Dutch (16-19 years)

Two-year IB Dutch A Literature SSST program per academic year

€ 3.550,-

One-year accelerated IB Dutch A Literature SSST program

On demand

Other IBDP-programs
Dutch A Literature HL, Dutch Language and Literature, Dutch B)

On demand

*A one-off registration fee of €150 applies for a new registration.

*Students who started their first SSST-year at IBID in 2023-2024, will receive a one time
discount of €200 and will therefore pay €3350.