Fees 2022-2023

IBDP Dutch (16-19 years)

Two-year IB Dutch A Literature SSST program

• First year for ‘IBID-move on’ students

€ 3.150,-

• First year for new students

€ 3.400,-

• Second year

€ 3.150,-

One-year accelerated IB Dutch A Literature SSST program

€ 4.200,-

Other IBDP-programs
Dutch A Literature HL, Dutch Language and Literature, Dutch B)

On demand


Pre-IBDP Dutch (11-16 years)
Per academic year € 2.700,-


Other services
Hourly rate* for students who are not enrolled in an IBID program € 80,-
Hourly rate* for teachers and/or for external marking and feedback € 80,-

* Support based upon hourly rate is for a minimum of five clock hours