IB Dutch (16-19 years)

Dutch A Literature SSST

In the IBDP, students can choose the two-year program ‘Dutch A: Literature SSST’ (Standard Level).  An SSST (school supported self-taught)-subject always concerns a language which is not taught at the day school. The IB-School is responsible for the SSST-student; they should appoint an SSST-supervisor within the school, and a language specific -external- tutor must be found.

IBID offers external tuition for ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’.

The main features of an IBID-program:

One-year accelerated program for Dutch A Literature SSST

The ‘Dutch A: Literature SSST’ program covers two academic years. In close consultation with the school, IBID can also provide a ‘made-to-measure’ program in the form of a one-year accelerated program. This may be necessary if circumstances have prevented a student from taking ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’ in the first year of the IBDP. Furthermore, a student might wish to take the ‘anticipated exam’ for ‘Dutch A Literature SSST’ in the first IBDP-year.

Other IBDP-programs

In some cases, students are allowed to choose a program other than Dutch A SSST, with a long-distance tutor. This is only possible with the explicit consent of the student’s IB-school. In cooperation with the school, IBID may offer tuition for

IB Dutch (ages 16-19)

Two-year IB Dutch A Literature SSST program


first year for ‘IBID-move on’ students

€ 3150

first year for new students

€ 3400

second year

€ 3150

One-year accelerated IB Dutch A Literature SSST program

€ 4200

Other IBDP-programs (Dutch A Literature HL, Dutch Language and Literature, Dutch B)

On demand