December 2017

And so the first semester of this school year draws to an end.
The number of IBID students has increased to 118, with 73 students taking our distance classes in preparation for the IB Diploma, 32 of who will sit the exam in May 2018. More and more students are applying to IBID for the preparatory programme (pre-IBDP) and we currently have 45 students.

The new year marks IBID’s 18th anniversary. We are very pleased with the trust placed in us by an ever growing number of schools, parents and organisations. But nothing beats the enthusiasm that almost all students – ultimately – have in common with us, a passion for Dutch and Flemish language and literature.

Ank Bekkers

Ank Bekkers

Teacher pre-IBDP & SSST

Studied Dutch Language and Literature at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and holds an upper secondary teaching qualification. In the Netherlands Ank worked as a policy officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the departments for Information and Communication. Abroad she taught Dutch literature at the University of Pretoria and worked in Dutch schools in Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw and Vienna. Two of her three children have graduated at an IB-school.

Marijke Nieuwstraten

Marijke Nieuwstraten

Teacher ten-hours pass

Studied Dutch Language and Literature at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ Amsterdam; graduated in modern literature with an upper secondary teaching qualification. In addition, she also studied Second and Foreign Language Acquisition (ATW) and English Language and Literature. From 1988 until 2017, Marijke was working as an IB Dutch teacher at international schools in The Hague and Hilversum, where she also tutored self-taught students in other languages. After completing the IBO workshop leader training, she gave several workshops Dutch A Literature and Dutch B. Marijke has been an examiner for Dutch A Literature since 2008.

Origin IBID

As a young girl I had big plans for my grown-up life: I would read books, teach and explore the world, and I was looking forward to it!

Josephine 1

(Josephine Franken, IBID director at 7 years old)

When I was older, therefore, I attended Leiden University to study Dutch Language and Literature. Dutch Language because language is one of the most important means of communication. Even reading, thinking, dreaming, is all done through language. The Dutch language may not be particularly appealing, nor is it a language of global significance, but when you have grown up with it, as I did, it is ‘home’. Dutch Literature because literature gives pause to reflect on ideas and feelings about yourself and the world around you. Dutch literature is a cultural heritage and invites you to look beyond the borders and dive into world literature.

When I first became acquainted with the International Baccalaureate in 1997, all my ideas about education fell into place. I became an all-round IB Dutch teacher, tutored IB Dutch students abroad and was a supervisor at an international school for what is now the SSST programme.

In 2000 I founded IBID, the first organisation in the world to provide IB Dutch self-taught programmes only. The perspective from which we started then is still the guiding principle today: IBID wants to be a safe haven and an inspiring school fostering Dutch-speaking IB students who think of themselves as world citizens and who are proud to form a part of the Dutch culture.