Josephine Franken

Josephine Franken

Managing director

Josephine studied Dutch Language and Literature at Leiden University, has a Master’s degree in mediaeval studies and an upper secondary teaching qualification. She worked as a teacher in the Dutch secondary curriculum until 1997, when she switched over to the IB-educational system. She founded IBID in 2000. Josephine is IBDP workshop leader for ‘IB Language A: Literature’ and a counsellor for IB Dutch teachers abroad. In spring 2017 she had a temporarily contract for some months as IB Dutch teacher at UWCSEA Singapore, her former employer. Subsequently she took up a part time position as IB Dutch teacher at AICS (Amsterdam International Community School) as per September 2017.

IB Dutch (ages 16-19)

Dutch A Literature SSST

In the IBDP, students can choose the programme Dutch A: Literature SSST (Standard Level). SSST stands for ‘school supported self-taught’, which means that the programme is not taught at the day school but that the student prepares for the exam himself or herself through independent study supervised by an external tutor. IBID offers this external tuition.

The IBID programme is fully in line with the curriculum and final attainment levels set by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The teaching material we developed is efficient, varied and flexible:

  • we prepare our students for the set exam components of the IB Dutch A Literature programme; we offer optimal guidance on each component.
  • we make extensive use of various media: a radio interview with an author, a short TV excerpt, a relevant magazine article, etc.
  • students have a weekly Skype-session with their tutor.
  • the programme is made to measure and can be adjusted to the level and/or interests of the student.

A crucial component is the weekly feedback, which contributes to the personal support. We challenge students to develop their ideas and to express them as accurately as possible. The intensive guidance we provide allows us to monitor the progress closely.

The IB Dutch A: Literature SSST programme covers two academic years.

In close consultation with the school, IBID can also provide a ‘made-to-measure’ programme in the form of a one-year accelerated programme. This may be necessary if circumstances have prevented a student from taking Dutch A Literature SSST in the first year of the IBDP. Furthermore, we sometimes have students who wish to take the ‘anticipated exam’ for IB Dutch A Literature SSST in the first IBDP– year.

What does the teaching material for a novel look like? Take a look at an example



What we provide


IB Dutch (ages 16-19)

  • Dutch A Literature SSST

IB Dutch (ages 13-16)

  • one-, two- and three year pre-IBDP programme


  • ten-hours pass
  • external marking
  • coaching for teachers


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