December 2017

And so the first semester of this school year draws to an end.
The number of IBID students has increased to 118, with 73 students taking our distance classes in preparation for the IB Diploma, 32 of who will sit the exam in May 2018. More and more students are applying to IBID for the preparatory programme (pre-IBDP) and we currently have 45 students.

The new year marks IBID’s 18th anniversary. We are very pleased with the trust placed in us by an ever growing number of schools, parents and organisations. But nothing beats the enthusiasm that almost all students – ultimately – have in common with us, a passion for Dutch and Flemish language and literature.

Exam results May 2017

In May 2017, 22 IBID students sat the exam Dutch A: Literature (SL). Their marks exceeded all expectations: five students obtained an IB7, eleven an IB6 and six an IB5, with the average coming to 5.95. These marks are illustrated in the table below.

 IB mark
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Number of students 6 11  5

It is tempting to focus on this wonderful average and it goes without saying that we are very proud about it. However, there is something we are far prouder of – the fact that every single one of our students was well prepared. We feel that the students really ‘gave their all’. In some cases that meant an IB7, while other students worked exceedingly hard for an IB5. Two students completed the accelerated programme. The group average is wonderful, but the individual performance is even better.
This continues a trend visible last year, that IBID students achieve few ‘low marks’. In May 2017 all students scored an IB5 or above. This is of course due to the students’ efforts. The staff see this as a confirmation of our vision: we offer the maximum possible differentiation and monitor the students closely. This prevents weaker students from falling behind and we challenge stronger students as much as possible. That leads to close, personal cooperation between teacher and student. And to magnificent results.