IB Dutch (ages 13-16)

The one-, two- or three-year pre-IBDP programme

The pre-IBDP programme is aimed at students aged between roughly 13 and 16. Depending on the time of application, we offer a one-year, two-year or three-year option. The pre-IBDP programme is an excellent preparation for the students’ final two exam years of IB Dutch A. It also complies with the MYP e-assessments. The main objective is that students feel secure and confident in their command of the Dutch language.

The teaching material developed especially by IBID is dynamic, thought-provoking and international:

  • We focus on the philosophy of international education, in particular on IBMYP.
  • The content of the lessons is based on the environment and thinking of young world citizens.
  • Students learn to analyse various language forms and genres, including academic texts, lectures, cabaret, cartoons, comic books, poems, interviews and films.
  • Each week, students receive oral and written feedback on their work.

We attach great importance to personal contact between student and IBID teacher. Teaching and coaching go hand in hand because students are all different and because they work at various levels depending on their background. The teacher can adapt the lessons entirely to fit in with the specific circumstances of each individual student. Because the students themselves are involved in this process, they have a say in their own made-to-measure programme, which is highly motivating.

What does pre-IBDP teaching material look like? Take a look at an example