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IBID: reliable IB-experts since 2000

IBID offers distance learning to Dutch-speaking IB students (see IBO) aged 13-19, in the last five years of secondary education. In its capacity as ‘centre of expertise’, IBID also offers coaching to IB schools and IB colleagues.
IBID’s strength lies in its intensive, personal support based on challenging lesson material. Our teaching staff is made up of senior teachers who each have ample experience with international education and life abroad. We keep in touch with each student on a weekly basis by Video-call and email, teachers are also available by phone. Students are coached step by step with clear instructions and targeted feedback.
From IBID’s foundation in 2000, the exam results are clear proof of the success of our approach. The average mark of our students is higher than the global average for IB Dutch A: Literature SL. Students who already joined IBID for the pre-IBDP program (age 13-16) do exceptionally well.
There is a world of difference between our students, in a literal and figurative sense. IBID has a keen eye for these differences in its support of students. It would be our pleasure to talk to you personally about the courses we provide. Please fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you to make an appointment.
IBID Education is affiliated with Stichting NOB (Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad) and accredited by the Inspectie van het onderwijs. (Dutch Inspectorate for Education).

"You can count on them to help students of different ages to reconnect with Dutch and acquire a high level of literacy, ready for tertiary education."


"Our experience with IBID is built up in different countries, on varying schools, with children of very different nature. In all cases, IBID has succeeded in finding the optimal learning path for our sons."


"Their knowledge of the course and excellent support makes the whole Self-Taught experience a very productive journey for both students and coordinators."


"My teacher was always able to clearly explain the IB-requirements, so I knew how to focus and do very well. I have enjoyed my Dutch studies very much."


"IBID’s track record and effective communication make them a reliable and desirable partner in education."

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